Normannen Bread


Article-No. 131069 

Schapfen Normannen Bread

Concentrate to produce a dark and aromatic wheat bread

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen Normannen Bread can add a new look and style of bread to your product range. With it's dark crumb, the mild sourdough taste and the short bite and crunchy crumb due to sunflower seeds, rye grits and soy grits you will have a bread for many different occasions.

The product

Dark German style rye bread with rye and soy grits, malt flour and a mild sourdough taste.

The processing

Schapfen Normannen Bread is a 100%-mix and therefore you have to add only yeast and water to make this dark aromatic bread. 

The pastry

It stands out because of the dark crumb and the hearty and crunchy bite and taste and also the short baking time.

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Available in following containers:
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Silo truck
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