Shaping the future 

In addition to our internal processes and our consistent quality management, our success is shaped by the cooperation and process of exchange we enjoy with partner mills, as well as our membership of interest groups and expert forums.
In this way, all parties benefit and we can shape the future together with our partners.

Stuhrer Nährmittel GmbH

In particular, the production of gluten-free cereal-based foods must be pursued with credibility and sincerity. For this reason, Stuhrer Nährmittel GmbH exclusively processes gluten-free cereals in its mill at its location in Stuhr and refrains entirely from processing cereals containing gluten. 
Thanks to the intensive testing of raw materials and finished products, high-quality, gluten-free cereal flakes and other grain products are produced from oats, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, quinoa, amaranth and teff, among others.

Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most modern oat and specialty mills in Germany and Europe and can look back on more than a hundred years of milling expertise within the Harries family. When the new mill was built in 2017, particular importance was attached to hygiene and flexibility in the production facilities, in addition to the use of the latest plant technology. By combining innovative milling technology with proven production plants and processes, the product range has been expanded. As a result, the Harries Mill stands for first-class quality, maximum customer focus, trust and flexibility. With the help of its extensive milling knowledge, the Harries Mill processes oats, barley, wheat, rye and spelt into high-quality cereal flakes and other grain products.

Backzutatenverband e.V.

Since 1948, the industry association "Backzutatenverband e.V. (BZV)" has represented the interests of roughly 50 companies operating in the baking industry in Germany and Austria. The members of the BZV belong to the supplier industry to the baking trade. 
The Association was founded in Bad Homburg on 4 November 1984 under the name "Verband der Backmittelindustrie e.V.". 
Since January 2002, the Austrian producer of baking agents and baking ingredients has been a member of the association. On 1 May 2009, the association was renamed "Der Backzutatenverband e.V.".

Bayerischer Müllerbund 

The Bavarian miller industry association "Bayerischer Müllerbund" was founded in Landshuts-Ellermühle in 1910 under the name "Vereinigung bayerischer mittlerer und kleinerer Handels- und Kundschaftsmühlenbesitzer". Today, it stands for a young, modern organisation with a claim to playing a decisive role in shaping the future of the milling industry.  Its area of expertise covers medium-sized milling companies, including baking and fodder milling, mixed feed production and special forms of milling. It represents the economic and social interests of those medium-sized participants in the milling industry. It is also involved in agricultural policy issues and in addressing social concerns.

Verband der Agrargewerblichen Wirtschaft (VdAW) e.V. 

The industry association VdaW is the economic and trade association for medium-sized companies in the private agricultural sector in southern Germany. As an independent industry association, it offers its roughly 1,300 member companies in the agricultural supply and sales business a wide range of services. Representing stakeholder interests and providing information and advice are its main focus. Equipped with a comprehensive range of services, it sees itself as a service provider.

Verband der Getreide-, Mühlen- und Stärke-wirtschaft VGMS e.V.

The industry association VGMS sees itself as an umbrella organisation for the grain processing industry, as well as mills and starch-producing companies, and it bundles both its activities and resources. It supports those companies involved in safeguarding and promoting, in particular, their business- and economic policy-specific, food legislation-related and socio-political interests respectively. The VGMS comprises 575 companies, ranging from medium-sized, family-run businesses to international corporations. The farms process roughly 14 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials.

Wissensforum Backwaren e.V.

Wissensforum Backwaren e.V. is the information centre for baking agents and baking ingredients used to make bread and pastry goods. Independent scientists and experts from member companies pool their expertise here and pass it on to interested parties. The focus is on providing factual and scientifically sound information regarding the ingredients and the mode of action of baking agents and other baking ingredients with a technological function. 
The association has a total of 41 member companies that span the disciplines of baking agents and baking ingredients, 33 of whom are from Germany and eight from Austria.

Heimbach-Mühle GmbH

Through our subsidiary Heimbach-Mühle GmbH, we invested in a new, environmentally friendly CO2 pressure disinfestation system and a building complex specially constructed for this purpose at our Dornstadt site in 2018.  This innovative plant has been in operation since June 2018, setting us apart from the rest as genuine pioneers in the use of this new pest control option. Heimbach-Mühle GmbH is your service provider for CO2 pressure disinfestation.