Brioche Mix


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Schapfen Brioche Mix

100%-mix for the production of original french brioche and other rich sweet yeast dough products

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen Brioche Mix produces a soft and tender, sweet yeast dough. It is used to make the traditional Brioche pastry as well as many other varieties of rich yeast dough products. The special selected ingredients help to produce the traditional sweet butter yeast dough with the distinctive flavour an enticing aroma of this succulent pastry dough. It is easy to handle, the mix is very versatile and adapts quickly to many local recipes and traditions with less modifications, even savoury recipes.

The product

For a maximum of baked goods with a wonderful yellowish crumb and light flavourful taste 

The processing

Easy to use, direct methode, no need for a sponge dough, wooly stable and smooth dough structure.

The pastry

The baked goods with Schapfen Brioche Mix show a wool-like crumb, an excellent shelf life, an autentic buttery taste and a short bite with a golden tender crust.

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