Dinkel Kipfel


Article-No. 131252 | 100%-MIX FOR ROLLS

Schapfen Dinkel Kipfel

For tasty, crusty spelt small baked goods with a crisp, crunchy crust. Without the addition of wheat, with nutritious seeds and lots of flavour.

The product
  •  contains spelt as flour, wholemeal flour, flakes and meal
  • supplemented with nutritionally valuable linseed and soya groats
  •  contains active baking components
  • subtly seasoned
  • perfect for small baked goods
The pastry
  • rustic appearance
  • crispy, delicious crust
  • great taste
  • ideal for snacks
Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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Jürgen Ellerkamp
Sales Manager Business Unit Bakery

+49 731 96746 - 61