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Schapfen Dinkel-Rühr

Made from 100 % spelt, for making moist, loose spelt cakes for a wide range of variations.

Good reasons for using it

“Schapfen Dinkel-Rühr” spelt mixture is a wheat flour-free cake mix with 100 % spelt for making a wide range of moist pound cakes. Depending on the baked goods in question, butter, margarine or oil can be used. Simply mix all the ingredients briefly using the “all-in” method and stir until frothy. Fruit, nuts or chocolate can be added to the mixture as desired. Even slabcakes with toppings after baking can be produced with ease. Great freshness is a matter of course, as is the loose, moist crumb texture. Spelt cakes are a real winner among consumers at present. This is due to the positive image enjoyed by spelt and its nutritional value.

The product
  • made from the best spelt
  • wheat flour-free mixture
  • for making moist pound cakes 
The processing
  • with butter, margarine or oil – depending on the desired product
  • Stir until frothy using the “all-in” method
  • simple, straight-forward processing
The Pastry
  • appealing volume
  • firm when cut and characterised by great freshness
  • short and friable crumb and well-rounded taste
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