Mürb fein


Article-No. 137546 | pastry doughs

Schapfen Mürb fein

A pastry mix for making fine shortbread and crumbles.

Good reasons for using it

With "Schapfen Mürb fein" you always succeed with your shortcrust pastry or your butter streusel in a blink of an eye. Mix all ingredients with the „all-in-method“ to a homogeneus shortcrust pastry and create wonderful tender shortcrust cookies. You are able to store the dough for several days in the cooler. Whether a shortcrust pastry base for a festive cake, fine butter crumbles as the icing on the cake, a fruit-cake crust or Christmas cookies with tea or coffee, with "Schapfen Mürb fein" you always have the right product at hand.

Available in the following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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