The value chain 
Our company philosophy 
our promise

SchapfenMühle is a tradition-conscious family business dating back to 1452. Customer proximity, reliability and a high degree of quality awareness are values that we have held close from the very beginning.  Our value chain – as a symbol of quality and trust – is both unique and our trademark. It defines a consistent process from seed selection through to harvest and the final product. This process guarantees complete traceability all the way back to cultivation.

Our grains

Grain products are accepted only from suppliers that work in a sustainable and value-conscious manner. A large proportion of the grain comes from farmers in the local region. Our cultivation contracts guarantee a high level of safety and quality. SchapfenMühle is also committed to preserving ancient cereal varieties such as spelt and emmer.

Our mill

The heart of our production is the mill. In the flour mill, grain products are milled in a standardised way or to customer specifications. In the hulling mill, husked grain is separated from its husks. The grain is then processed and further refined using a variety of techniques.

Product variety

Our natural and refined cereal products include mill mixes, a wide variety of bakery-quality flours, kernels, flakes, bran or puffed grains. Our diverse product range is the result of many years of experience in grain processing in conjunction with a constant exchange of experience with our customers.

Satisfaction of our customers

Our customers' needs for high-quality, authentic and enjoyable food made from grain are our key focus. Thanks to the grain’s traceability back to its cultivation, we guarantee top quality. High-quality and innovative mill products ensure sales success for our customers.