Article-No. 131780 | 100%-MIX FOR BREAD

Schapfen GerstenWonne

For making moist and aromatic wholemeal barley and spelt bread with a high beta-glucan content.

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen GerstenWonne – with beta-glucan from barley

Barley is a well-known cereal. Special beta-glucan barley (beta®GERSTE) is a variety with a high content of granular, soluble beta-glucan fibre. This "beta®GERSTE" beta-glucan barley is particularly suitable for baking. It guarantees stable water retention at a high dough yield and promotes the particularly long freshness of bread. The doughs are easy to process and are ideally suited to tin loafs.

The product
  • high-quality whole grain barley flakes / meal
  • popular spelt
  •  barley and spelt wholemeal sourdough
  • pumpkin and sunflower seeds
The processing
  • for barley and spelt baked goods
  • high dough yield
  • to be processed without a soaker
The pastry
  • reduces the blood’s cholesterol level **
  • high total fibre content
  • moist with long-lasting freshness
  • tastes really good
  • stand-alone and distinctive

**Barley beta-glucans have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol.

A daily intake of just 3 g of barley beta-glucan can minimise the cholesterol level in the blood. A high cholesterol level is one of the risk factors associated with coronary heart disease. Maintaining a varied and balanced diet is very important, as is a healthy lifestyle.

EC Regulation 1048/2012

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