50 Dinkelvollkornbrot


Article-No. 132371 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD

Schapfen 50 Dinkelvollkornbrot

For a grainy and seeded wholemeal spelt bread or wholemeal spelt sunflower seed bread with a mildly acidic, aromatic taste.

Good reasons for using it

A concentrate for making a moist, hearty wholemeal spelt bread with sunflower seeds. All baking-relevant ingredients are included in the mix. Add wholemeal spelt flour and spelt flakes for dough preparation. The doughs should be worked into tin loaves. Bread volume and the fine-grained crumb characterise the bread type. Also mildly acidic in taste. The sunflower seeds in and on the bread harmonise perfectly with the nutty taste of spelt.

The product
  • lactose-free, vegan concentrate
  • contains baking ingredients
  • no addition of wheat
The processing
  • supplement with spelt milling products
  • good dough stability
  • prepare as tin loaves
The pastry
  • fine-seeded wholemeal bread
  • no too loose crumb
  • mildly acidic taste
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Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck
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