Beta HaferGold 
50 %


Article-No. 132181 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD

Schapfen Beta HaferGold 50 %

For making oat bread and bread rolls with high beta-glucan content.

Good reasons for using it

"Schapfen Beta HaferGold 50 %" is a balanced concentrate for making mild and well-rounded, moist oat baked goods. Open-pored, free-form oat bread, as well as golden yellow, soft oat bread rolls can be created using this product. At the same time, the freshly ground oat mixture is ideally based on whole grain. The finest wholemeal bread with the best freshness – guaranteed. Individual oat baked products fit the latest trends and are an enrichment for breakfast and snacks for the whole family. Today, every consumer wants tasty, enjoyable baked goods with a certain amount of added value. Freshly milled oat grain guarantees this. The customer’s good conscience is reassured by the grain’s own soluble fibres (beta-glucans).

The product
  • with plenty of valuable oats
  • with its own beta-glucans
  • not enriched
  • only spelt wholemeal sourdough
The processing
  • perfect and reliable
  • high dough yield
  • easy-to-process doughs
  • ideal for popular tin loaves
The bread
  •  classically wrapped with oats
  • appealing bread volume
  • loose crumb with fine structure
  • pleasant and mild taste
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