Article-No. 132140 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD 

Schapfen Dinkelvollkornbrot

For a seeded, moist wholemeal spelt bread with wholemeal spelt flour, flakes, linseed and sesame for decoration. Your own sourdough and spelt flour can be used without any problem.

Good reasons for using it

Concentrate without sourdough content for making moist wholemeal spelt bread. The dough is prepared with wholemeal spelt flour. Acidification is achieved with a standard wholemeal leaven. A bread decoration made of spelt flakes and sesame seeds gives the free-form loaves of bread their appetising appearance. Whole spelt, soya and linseed make the flour-like crumb slightly crunchy. A mild yet hearty flavour gives this wholemeal spelt bread a special touch.

The product
  • reliable concentrate
  • without a proportional amount of sourdough
  • reduced proportional amount of wholemeal flour
The processing
  • Add wholemeal leaven
  • supplement with wholemeal spelt flour
  • suitable for free-form loaves of bread
The bread
  • fine-grained wholemeal spelt bread
  • moist crumb
  • savoury taste
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