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Schapfen Krustika

Premix with sourdough, salt and malt flour for crusty bread and buns

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen Krustika is a concentrate for a large range of crusty baked goods such as Baguettes, Ciabatta, Crusty buns as well as rye buns and rye flatbread. It can be used with wheat flour as well as up to 40 % rye flour. It is characterized by its long-lasting crispy crust.

The product

Schapfen Krustika contains sourdough and salt as well as barley malt for a smooth mild-sour- malty taste.

The processing

Schapfen Kustika is a 10% concentrate and gives all doughs a good stability as well as a good proofing stability.

The pastry

The bread and bun assortment with Schapfen Krustika has that light mild sourdough taste and smell, a typical long lasting crunchy golden brown crust. 

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