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Schapfen "Meine Mühle"

Our "Meine Mühle" concept combines the use of declaration-friendly raw materials with short and understandable lists of ingredients (clean label). Therefore, we prefer the use of grains from our mill and their products also valuable oilseeds and maltflours to combine naturality and enjoyment. Our declaration friendly and highly productive "Meine Mühle" products provide the basics for authentic baked goods like breads, rolls or pastries.

We use only untreated raw materials such as:

  • Flours, pregelatinised flours and prepared special flours
  • Seeds, flakes and grain kernels
  • Roasted malts
  • Non-modified starch
  • Vegetable, non-hydrogenated oils
  • Seasalt
  • Natural flavours
  • GMO-free enzymes
  • Ascorbic acid and raising agent on a base of tartaric acid

We made a commitment, all our "Meine Mühle" products are produced without the following ingredients:

Soy and corn products, palm oil, hydrogenated fats and trans fatty acids, lactose and milk products containing lactose, iodized table salt, nature-identical flavours, GMO enzymes, all food additives with an E-number, except for ascorbic acid and raising agents based on tartaric acid.


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Jürgen Ellerkamp
Sales Manager Business Unit Bakery

+49 731 96746 - 61