Pro Eiweißbrot


Article-No. 132435 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD

Schapfen Pro Eiweißbrot

For making a protein-rich wholemeal wheat bread with low carbohydrate content. The product contains oil seeds and soya products.

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen Pro Eiweißbrot is designed for making high-protein, low-carbohydrate wholemeal wheat bread. Nutritious wheat and soya protein, as well as various oilseeds, wholemeal wheat flour and wheat sourdough are the basis for this. Its composition makes the bread suitable for many "low-carb diets". A great bread taste combined with key health considerations that services the trend towards an alternative form of nutrition. A reliable and straightforward bread-making process that fully complies with the quality specifications of SchapfenMühle.

The product
  • concentrate at 77 %
  • with well-known ingredients
  • suitable for making bread and bread rolls
The processing
  • weigh in oilseeds
  • note high dough yield
  • knead sufficiently
The pastry
  • few carbohydrates
  • with a high protein content
  • aromatic and very moist
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