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Schapfen RoggenKorn

For a seeded mixed rye bread with rye meal and a high oilseed content. Wholemeal rye bread with whole rye kernels and a pleasant, mildly sour taste.

Good reasons for using it

Coarse-grained concentrate for making a soaker with a long resting time. Aside from whole rye kernels, wholemeal wheat products and oilseeds are also included. Standard wholemeal rye sourdough is added during the dough's preparation. The dough's consistency makes it suitable for the artisanal preparation of tin loaves. The long baking times at a moderate heat create the strong, unique bread aroma. The grainy, seeded crumb is moist and good for cutting. A not-your-everyday loaf for friends and fans of a special wholemeal bread.

The product
  • concentrate without sourdough
  • whole rye grains
  • with sunflower seeds and linseed
The processing
  • add standard wholemeal leaven
  • soaker with a long standing time
  • for artisan production
The bread
  • hearty and compact wholemeal bread
  • with a moist and seeded, grainy crumb
  • hearty, unique bread aroma
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