Article-No. 132379 | CONCENTRATE FOR ROLLS

Schapfen SchwabenKörnle

For grainy and seeded spelt sunflower small baked goods, with a mildly acidic, aromatic taste. Attractive spelt baked goods without the addition of wheat.

Good reasons for using it

From the brand name – to branded baked goods "
Schapfen SchwabenKorn" is the no. 1 among the spelt products. Since 2002, the product has been steadily winning over consumers and is a brand name for you and your customers. The product "Schapfen SchwabenKörnle" complements the successful "SchwabenKorn"-brand – the concentrate for modern small spelt baked goods and spelt bread.

The product
  • concentrate for tasty spelt small baked goods and spelt bread 
  • finely balanced ingredients
  • with mild, aromatic wholemeal spelt sourdough
  • germinated spelt increases the value
  • sunflower seeds and linseed increase the enjoyment factor and enhance the flavour
The processing
  • only spelt flour, concentrate, yeast and water
  •  practice-oriented dough texture
  • reliable dough production
  • good fermentation stability
The pastry
  • artisanal, real bread roll volume
  • hearty enjoyment thanks to the crust coated with oilseeds
  • good nutritional profile thanks to the germinated spelt and oilseeds
  • aromatic and moist crumb
  • also suitable for the snack bar
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Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck
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