Article-No. 100269 | concentrale for bread

Schapfen UrLinsel

For making lentil multigrain bread and bread rolls, including in wholemeal quality. With puffed lentils, outstanding freshness and its characteristic taste.

Good reasons for using it

"Schapfen UrLinsel" is a versatile concentrate that leaves you plenty of room for your creativity and individuality, but always guarantees the characteristic UrLinsel enjoyment factor. The lentils, which are puffed in our mill, develop a particularly harmonious aroma and a wonderfully pleasant texture that can be found in every product and that cannot be achieved only by soaking lentils. "Schapfen UrLinsel" can be formed into a very stable shape after a short soaking time and gives the dough a dry texture well-suited for machine processing. Your own masterpieces – large and small – with "Schapfen UrLinsel" are characterised by a very individual taste and excellent retention of freshness.

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