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Our beta-glucan barley flakes are wholemeal flakes. In a particularly gentle process, the whole beta-glucan barley kernels are steamed and then rolled into beta-glucan barley flakes. This preserves all important vitamins, minerals and fibre. Unlike our normal barley flakes, to make our beta-glucan barley flakes we use a special barley variety that has a higher beta-glucan content. Beta-glucan has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and to aid digestion.

  • Bread loaves
  • Small baked goods
  • Muesli

SchapfenMühle offers standard qualities, as well as flakes "made to measure".

Please contact our sales team for further information or individual product advice.

Food IndustryC. Faul+49 731 96746 - 15
Food RetailU. Dettinger+49 731 96746 - 67
Bakery businessJ. Ellerkamp+49 731 96746 - 61
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Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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Food Industry

Christian Faul
Sales Manager Business Unit Food Industry

+49 731 96746 - 15

Food Retail

Uwe Dettinger
Sales Manager Business Unit Food Retail

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Bakery business national and international

Jürgen Ellerkamp
Sales Manager Business Unit Bakery

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