Brezel Gold



Schapfen Brezel Gold spezial

Especially for lye-baked goods, for making frozen dough pieces with a great shine, short crumb texture and full flavour. Ideally suited for long-term processing.

Good reasons for using it

Standard improver, especially developed for making lye-baked goods that involve either processing method. Whether it involves direct or long-term processing. The dough’s consistency is well kneadable and easy to shape. The dough pieces are stable and stiffen well. They absorb the lye evenly and take on a great split surface texture during baking. A lovely shine and a short-moist crumb texture are assured, even if less fat is added. Depending on the type of processing and the dough rigidity, the appearance of the baked goods can be adapted to regional requirements.

The product
  • classic improver
  • in powder form and fat-free
  • for every type of baking
The processing
  •  for every type of processing
  • typical addition of 3 %
  • with the addition of fat
The pastry
  • pleasing shine
  • moist crumb
  • aromatic and a nice short crumb structure
Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

Contact person for bakery business
Bakery business national and international

Jürgen Ellerkamp
Sales Manager Business Unit Bakery

+49 731 96746 - 61