Article-No. 100291 | IMPROVER FOR ROLLS

Schapfen Eco-Allround

For wheat-based small baked goods made using a single-stage (direct) or multi-stage (indirect) rising. Its addition to yeast dough is also recommended.

Good reasons for using it

Schapfen Eco-Allround is a versatile, basic baking agent for making rolls using direct or long-term processing. Its addition to yeast-raised dough is also recommended and it supports the baking process. It guarantees effective dough development and the formation of dry doughs, which are well-suited for machine processing. Good fermenting characteristics and stable final proofing guarantee an optimum volume of baked goods. The rolls will win you over with their appetising appearance, delicate crust and beautiful split surface finish.

The product
  • for use with the direct and indirect methods of dough rising
  • well-suited for addition to yeast-raised dough
  • cost-effective improver
The processing
  • efficient addition of just 3 %
  • for manual and mechanical processing
  • high final proofing stability
The pastry
  • appealing volume
  • visually appealing, reliable split surface texture
  • outstanding basic quality
Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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