MalzProfi kühl


Article-No. 137041 | IMPROVER FOR ROLLS

Schapfen MalzProfi kühl

High-quality improver that guarantees great results with a great final proofing stability in each type of long-term processing.

Good reasons for using it

The improver is modern, powerful and designed for separate roll production. Time-independent production for baking the dough pieces on site as demand requires. The method of long-term processing is determined by the professional. Using Schapfen MalzProfi kühl is a good choice. The baking agent is reliable, ensures good dough stability, and the dough pieces maintain a good split surface texture. Properties that are decisive from a technical standpoint. The roll is delicately crisp and aromatic.

The product
  • powerful improver
  • great for long-term processing
  • guarantees good dough stability
The processing
  • for all types of long-term processing
  • addition according to production method
The pastry
  • tender and delicate crust
  • intense, aromatic taste
  • a wonderful taste sensation and constantly fresh
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