Article-No. 137320 | IMPROVER FOR BREAD

Schapfen RoggenPerfekt

For a hearty rye mixed bread or wholemeal bread with a typical, strong rye bread taste, produced in direct or long-term processing.

The product
  • economical use for great baking and quality
  • contains all the acids necessary for dough acidification in rye flour processing
  • compensates for fluctuations in rye flour baking
The processing
  • dry, smooth, kneadable and easily mouldable doughs, including in machine-based processing
  • sufficient protection against bread spoilage when the full amount is added
  • stable, tolerant final proofing and reliable yeast activity when in the oven with good volume
The pastry
  • firm, easy-to-coat crumb
  • even, sourdough-like round pores
  • pronounced crust formation
  • moist crumb with long-lasting freshness
  • intense aromatic taste
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