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Schapfen Butter-Amerikaner

To make “Amerikaner” butter cookie cakes and slices in a variety of different recipes.

Good reasons for using it

Pastry mix for a classic patisserie product or as a base for delicious slabcakes. The batter can be easily whipped up and safely processed into “Amerikaner” butter cookie cakes or slabcakes. The moist and fine crumb texture is especially appealing. The pleasant butter taste is also a real winner. Both types of baked goods are standard in every bakery. With the help of professional creativity, the baked goods can be varied in appearance, shape or decoration, giving them their own individual character.

The product
  • for “Amerikaner” butter cookie cakes and slices
  • contains butter  
  • guaranteed success – great quality
The processing
  • with whole egg and liquid
  • just whip briefly – it’s done
  • detaches effortlessly from the baking sheet
The pastry
  • attractive appearance
  • loose, moist crumb
  • fresh taste
Available in following containers: 
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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