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For fine butter yeast-raised doughs of any kind, produced in direct or long-term processing. Suitable for frozen dough pieces with a long storage time.

Good reasons for using it

High-quality pastry premix with butter for making yeast-raised dough. Depending on the type of baked good, other ingredients must be added. The dough quality and baking performance are practice-oriented. These baked goods will be sure to win you over with their appealing volume and appetising browning. A delicately fine crumb and the distinctive buttery taste are guaranteed. Masterful yeast-based pastries are a mainstay of any bakery – whether as a butter rich cake, sweet braided bread or Danish pastry.

The product
  • pastry premix with butter
  • for outstandingly good yeast doughs
  • reliable and good baking characteristics
The processing
  • supplement with the remaining ingredients
  • knead like yeast dough
  • prepare doughs in the usual way
The pastry
  • high-quality baked goods
  • moist, delicate crumb
  • fine buttery taste
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