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Article-No. 137541 | pastry doughs

Schapfen HefeQuarkteig 50 %

For light, yeast-based quark pastries, produced in direct or long-term processing. Suitable for frozen dough pieces with a long storage time.

Good reasons for using it

An efficient pastry premix for the reliable making of yeast-raised baked goods with a quark dough. Fat and eggs can be added individually. The doughs can be easily rolled out and worked into shape without the need to rest the dough. Good baking properties prevent the formation of streaks even with heavy toppings and provide the desired loose crumb effect. Good freshness and a pleasant, well-rounded taste are guaranteed. Whether fresh, made over several stages or held for freezing – successful rising is always guaranteed.

The product
  • versatile pastry premix
  • pleasant colour and aroma
  • can be combined with buttermilk or yoghurt
The processing
  • direct and with no waiting time
  • easy to roll out thanks to a kneadable dough
  • no streak formation, even with fruity toppings
The pastry
  • well-loosened and pleasantly moist
  • delicious baked goods with a quark note
  • amazing freshness
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