Hefeteig 100 plus


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Schapfen Hefeteig 100 plus

For light to medium yeast-based pastries, produced in direkt or long-term processing. Suitable for frozen dough pieces with a long storage time.

Good reasons for using it

"Schapfen Hefeteig 100 plus" is a popular pastry mix for the reliable production of a wide range of yeast-raised pastries produced in direct processing. Only add yeast, whole egg and liquid and stick to the recommended kneading time. The stable doughs are suitable for all types of bakery production, whether using machinery or long-term processing. The dough pieces can also be easily stored as deep-frozen products and are characterised by their good stability. Good baking performance, as well as an appealing baking volume and a nice browning, are a matter of course. The great taste and long-lasting freshness of the baked goods are also fantastic. If you want the doughs and pastries to be even more unique, you can always add some sugar, fat and/or lemon flavour to the dough.

The product
  • Pastry mix for yeast-raised baked goods
  • contains all the important ingredients
  • easy to process and handle
The processing
  • add whole egg and liquid
  • dry and resilient doughs
  • suitable for every type of production
The pastry
  • appealing baking volume
  • moist and robust crumb
  • well-rounded, pleasant taste
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