Hefeteig Vari plus


Article-No. 137510 | pastry doughs

Schapfen Hefeteig Vari plus

For light to medium yeast-based pastries, produced in direct or long-term processing. Suitable for frozen dough pieces with a long storage time. Variable use of butter or margarine.

Good reasons for using it

"Schapfen Hefeteig Vari plus" is adapted to the needs of modern bakeries. You decide whether you want to use butter or margarine and to use it in your own recipes. The doughs are dry, smooth, easily mouldable and also progress well through equipment lines. The product is for light to medium-heavy yeast-raised pastries produced in direct or long-term processing. Frozen dough pieces can be processed with a long storage time.

The product
  • stays fresh for several days
  • daily, consistent, visually appealing baking quality
The processing
  • very good final proofing stability and yeast activity when in the oven
  • stable dough – even with higher amounts of fat added
The pastry
  • good baking volume with an appetising browning
  • stable crumb structure for heavy toppings
  • well-loosened and tender crumb
  • full-bodied yeast dough taste
Available in the following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

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