The flour mill

is the classic area of operation for the mill. It produces typical ground grain products from spelt, emmer and wheat, for example:

  • Flours
  • Cracked grains
  • Semolina
  • Fine semolina

Other products include customised flours that differ in protein content and coarseness of grind. We supply our quality flours to the baking trade, the food industry, and the food retail trade.

The hulling mill

is the second heart of the mill. The kernels of the spelt, emmer, oat and barley cereals must be de-hulled and separated from their shell, or husk. The process is known as dehulling. Only then can the spelt grain be processed into flakes, groats, meal, flour, or puffed grains.

Puffing technology

‘Puffing’ enlarges grains to many times their original size using steam and pressure. In the process, the grain’s shape is largely retained while it acquires a crispy consistency. The puffed grains are either left as they are or refined further in a process known as “coating”, in which the puffed grains are given their desired coating, such as honey or sugar. Puffed grains are available from conventional cultivation or in organic quality with the common types of grain. Other natural varieties such as buckwheat, amaranth or quinoa complete the range of puffed cereals. According to the wishes of our customers, we produce puffed grains for further processing in instant products, mill mixes, confectionery, or dairy products.

Puffing technology - in detail

Natural food

This business area is responsible for the further processing and packaging of cereal products for food retail. The product range includes flours of bakery quality, oat and spelt flakes, puffed cereals, various oilseeds and baking mixes, as well as oat and spelt porridge. Various plant equipment and processes are available for production, such as a fully automatic mixing plant, grain flaking, or a system for drying and stabilising various grain raw materials. Depending on the trade requirements, the products are offered in various packaging and container sizes.

Application technology

Thanks to our fifth business area, we offer the baking trade, the food industry and the food retail trade a new source of inspiration in the form of innovative cereal products. In our own R&D department, experts combine creative ideas with refined mill products. This area of responsibility also includes product support in process technology and food regulations. Additional tasks comprise the preparation of practical processing recommendations for both newly developed and existing products, as well as the testing of new manufacturing processes. Other focal points include ongoing bakery inspections and advising customers on baking-related issues in the bakery business sales area.