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CO2 Disinfestation
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Through our subsidiary Heimbach-Mühle GmbH, we invested in a new, environmentally friendly CO2 pressure disinfestation system and a building complex specially constructed for this purpose at our Dornstadt site in 2018.  This innovative plant has been in operation since June 2018, setting us apart from the rest as genuine pioneers in the use of this new pest control option.  

“With this investment, we want to meet the robust growth in demand from the food and organic sector. Those pests that are unavoidable in natural products are particularly fond of the pollutant-free organic products and also lay their eggs there. To further improve our top hygiene standards and to protect these valuable natural products, the CO2 pressure disinfestation system was installed,” reports Ralph Seibold, Managing Partner of SchapfenMühle.

This innovative disinfestation technology can be applied to a wide range of products. The goods to be treated are first exposed to high pressure with the addition of carbon dioxide. The CO2 as such is also an established method used to produce carbonated mineral water. Subsequently, the differences in pressure destroy all pests and their larvae and eggs without affecting the goods in any way.

The ecological and, simultaneously, highly economical mode of operation with the two-chamber system prevents the development of grain inventory pests of any kind at the earliest possible stage, thereby eradicating them with just the use of natural carbon dioxide, CO2, and sufficient pressure. Thanks to the modern two-chamber system, an enormous amount of CO2 can be saved, as it can be fed from one chamber to the next. One great advantage of this entirely residue-free disinfestation process is that it does not lead to any detrimental changes in the food, meaning that the process is also ideal as a preventive measure for quality and product assurance purposes.

Pressure disinfestation is used both for our own products and as a service for third parties.

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