"Meine Mühle" 


Article-No. 100159 | concentrate for bread

Schapfen "Meine Mühle" 4-UrKornbrot

For making clean label, four-grain bread from spelt and other ancient cereals. For a variety of baked goods that are produced either via single-stage rising or with the use of dough retarding.

Good reasons for using it

The unique combination of raw materials ensures great baking properties. The ancient grain is put through a special grinding process in the SchapfenMühle that imparts to it very good baking properties. Wholemeal ancient grain, sourdough and salt are added to the dough preparation. The bread quality is convincing in every respect; largely natural and vegan. Further baked goods can then be produced from the concentrate, using direct or long-term processing.

The product
  • no additives such as baking enzymes
  • no emulsifiers
  • no wheat flour / wheat gluten
  • no milk products
  • vegan
  • made using natural ingredients
  • designed to produce first-class baked goods
  • ground flour fresh from the mill
  • a high proportion of refined cereal ingredients
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