"Meine Mühle" Dinkel-BasisVollkorn


Article-No. 100530 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD

Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Dinkel-BasisVollkorn

For making clean label wholemeal spelt baked goods; for use in single-stage production without the need for a pre-dough or a pre-dough based on thermal treatment. Also for making malt baked goods.

Good reasons for using it

A concentrate for making a wide range of wholemeal spelt baked goods. Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Dinkel-BasisVollkorn contains all the important components of the spelt grain. The proportion of spelt flour is added. The same applies to all the salt. Soakers are omitted. Active baking components facilitate baking performance and should be supplemented with "Meine Mühle" products, e.g. for bread: Schapfen "Meine Mühle" DinkelVollkonsauer; Bread rolls: Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Brötchen Premium; Pastries: Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Hefeteig

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