"Meine Mühle" Emmer Urkorn


Article-No. 100079 | CONCENTRATE FOR BREAD

Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Emmer Urkorn

Concentrate for making clean label spelt emmer baked goods. Unique due to the roasted taste of puffed emmer kernels.

Good reasons for using it

The Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Emmer Urkorn is a clean label concentrate based on natural grains. The key components are hulled emmer grains that have been put through steam and high pressure (puffed emmer). These grains increase the dough’s water absorbance and so help to improve the shelf-life of baked goods naturally. Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Emmer Unkorn offers a wide range of benefits for a number of different types of baked goods, including wholemeal baking. Combined with the ancient cereal of spelt, your customers can look forward to a unique and highly aromatic variety of baked goods.

The product
  • made using natural ingredients
  • designed to produce first-class baked goods
  • ground flour fresh from the mill
  • a high proportion of refined cereal ingredients
Available in following containers:
Small packaging
Big Bag
Silo truck

Contact person for bakery business
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Jürgen Ellerkamp
Sales Manager Business Unit Bakery

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