"Meine Mühle" Melonenkernbrot


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Schapfen "Meine Mühle" Melonenkernbrot

For clean label, light wheat mixed bread with a high melon seed content. Typical southern German bread character with long-lasting freshness.

Good reasons for using it

Ideal baked good for seasonal occasions or for promotional weeks. There are always opportunities. For the barbecue season or the weekends, for the summer months or a shop opening, for spring or many other events.

The product
  • for wheat-based baked goods with a high melon seed content and Mediterranean baking character
  • products of the "Meine Mühle" range from Schapfen are added to the dough
The processing
  • supplement with recipe-appropriate ingredients
  • direct processing
  • dough texture is wheat-like, easy to process and can be worked into the recommended shape in a practical way
The pastry
  • slightly Mediterranean character of the baked bread and rolls
  • good loosening and great pore development. 
  • a fresh crumb, slightly crunchy to the bite and with an aromatic taste
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