"Meine Mühle" 
St. Jakobs Mehl


Article-No. 132102 | concentrate for bread

Schapfen "Meine Mühle" St. Jakobs Mehl

A clean label concentrate for wheat bread. Gives wheat-based baked goods greater aroma, taste and freshness.

Good reasons for using it

Highly concentrated special flour with selected milling fractions and fermented sourdoughs for making "St. Jakobs Brot" bread loaf. The product has a positive effect on baking and naturally promotes the formation of flavours and aromas. A classic feature of this bread type is the gentle and long rising process. It improves the swelling of the flour, it makes the bread crumb moister and thus improves the bread’s freshness when eaten. The mild aromatic taste and unmistakable aroma are unique to St. Jakob's bread.


The product
  • with selected milling fractions
  • naturally fermented sourdoughs
  • promotes the formation of aroma and taste
The processing
  • versatile usage
  • increases the dough yield
  • promotes flour swelling
The pastry
  • appealing bread volume
  • moist crumb, excellent freshness
  • wonderful, aromatic taste
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