"Meine Mühle"
stabil + frisch


Article-No: 137330 | IMPROVER FOR BREAD

Schapfen "Meine Mühle" stabil + frisch

Clean label improver for enhanced baking, proofing stability and keeping bread and small baked goods fresh.

Good reasons for using it

A versatile and complementary "on-top" improver for controlling and enhancing the baking properties and quality of the baked goods. The product can be used variably depending on the baking requirements or optimised quality of the baked goods. It is just as suitable for the most diverse types of processing as it is for different types of small baked goods. Whether it is used for improved dough development, a moister crumb texture or for dough stabilisation with flours that are difficult to bake with, this is decided by the expert.

The product is a typical "all-rounder". Many bakers use it and appreciate the product's performance.

The product
  • tried-and-tested "on top" improver
  • enhances the baking properties
  • only consumer-friendly ingredients
The processing
  • individual and wide-ranging application
  • optimises the dough quality
  • stabilises the doughs even with flours that are less suitable for baking
The pastry
  • more volume
  • pleasant crust colour and crispness
  •  improved loosening and moistness
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